Building Managers

Building Management Plan (BMP)

For new building managers, a tailored Building Management Plan (BMP) expedites your comprehension of and competence in your new role. It further provides a seamless transition when you transfer your management rights to a new building manager. Capture all the infrastructure management requirements in one comprehensive document package. Our BMP is a site-specific, custom-made set of policies and procedures that support the building manager’s obligations to maintain the common property compliantly with the prescribed scope of duties and obligations within the caretaking agreement. The BMP is designed to survive individuals and the content provides instruction on the compliant management of the scheme to be passed-on from building manager to building manager.

Hand-Over & Induction Program for Management Rights

Bodies Corporate may now get support from Australia’s leading expert in caretaking duties performance and common property compliance matters when considering applications for assignment of management rights, “top-ups” or variations to existing caretaking agreements. As a vigilant risk management mechanism, Bodies Corporate are encouraged to enter into the Rights Hand-Over & Induction Program which supports the Committee, the Vendor and the Potential Purchaser in an efficient transfer. The Body Corporate and Vendor can capitalise on a “fresh start” to the new caretaking agreement and ensure all non-compliances are addressed prior to Settlement. See brochure Management Rights Hand Over & Induction Program (400KB PDF)

Management of Defective Building Work Claims

The Qld Building and Construction Commission legislation affords building owners the opportunity to seek rectification of defective building works from the original builder for a period of six years plus three months from the date of practical completion. Successfully managing your claim, lodged with the QBCC, is a specialist area of expertise that appropriately licensed sub-consultants of Diverse Group & DPX Projects can supply to building owners. It is important to ensure that building defects are notified to the QBCC within three months of becoming evident in order to be successful in a warranty claim. Our Building Advocacy Service will connect you with the appropriately QBCC licensed sub-consultant.

Work Health & Safety Compliance Management Plans

Prevention is better than cure, from the outset, new building managers need to be confident that they can prove due diligence in risk management and safe work practices. The Work Health & Safety Compliance Management Plan, when fully implemented and reviewed annually, will provide evidence of vigilance that doubles as protection for the building manager in their obligations under legislation.